Online Pre-Application
Williamson Housing Authority
Williamson, WV



Dear Public Housing Applicant:

The Williamson Housing Authority’s goal is to provide safe, affordable housing to low income families. Our public housing projects include Goodman Manor, Liberty Heights, Victoria Courts, and Williamson Terrace. The on-line application is your first step towards obtaining public housing. Applications are accepted from all income eligible applicants during regular business hours. Fair Housing Laws and Title VI prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. The Williamson Housing Authority is an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider and does not discriminate in housing because of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status and disability

1. Complete the online application, which the Housing Authority date/time stamps upon receipt. The Authority will review the application, before placing you on the waiting list, to determine two things. One, if you are income eligible and two, you are no other member of your household is on the Authority‘s NO TREPASS LIST. Once determined eligible for public housing, per HUD guidelines, the Housing Authority will place you on our waiting list. (If you are not income eligible you will be notified in writing. If you or a member of your household is on the Authority‘s NO TREPASS LIST, you will be notified in writing. In either case, your application will not be accepted.)

2. The Williamson Housing Authority provides a "working preference". The working preference gives any family where the Head of Household, spouse or co-head is working, disabled or elderly, a preference, meaning they will see their application move up the waiting list more quickly. Be advised, the application can and will lose this preference should the applicant cease to be employed at any time during the application process. Families should understand that the waiting period for public housing may be anywhere from two days to six months. Frequently, families miss out on housing because we are unable to reach them. Please be advised, should a unit come available and we are unable to reach you within 5 business days, you and your family will be dropped from the waiting list. The Williamson Housing Authority encourages all applicants to contact our office once every 30 days to keep applications active. You will be notified by phone and mail when an offer of housing is pending.

3. The Housing Authority contacts the landlord and/or employer references you provide us with your application. These references must include "former" landlords and can include past and current employers. Do not forget to include up to date contact information for each reference you list. The Housing Authority can and will deny housing to any applicant who fails to provide references. Applicants with a history of disturbing the peace, property damage, failure to pay rent in a timely manner, or other complaints will be denied housing.

4. A criminal background check is completed on every adult member listed on your pre-application. The criminal background checks will not be run until the Housing Authority is prepared to offer you a unit. The Housing Authority‘s Admission and Occupancy Handbook (ACOP) outlines in detail what criteria we consider when denying occupation based on the results of the criminal background check.

5. When an offer of housing is pending the Housing Authority will contact you to schedule an appointment. At that time you will be required to bring in proof of income and birth and social security records for every member of the household. Before housing is offered you must be able to obtain utilities in your name. You will also need to bring in a deposit equal to the first month‘s rent and the rent payment for the current month. Household income and unit size will determine Total Tenant Payment (rent). Once the "paperwork" is completed you and the adult members in your family will participate in an orientation. Upon conclusion of the lease signing you will be given a key to your new apartment and information on local services

If you have any questions about the Williamson Housing Authority or our application process, please contact our Public Housing Specialist, Jamie Maynard, at (304) 235-8678 ext. 104. Thank you for your interest in the Williamson Housing Authority. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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